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As part of its Design Excellence Program through the Office of the Chief Architect of the United States, the General Services Administration (GSA), the new Federal Office Building in Andover, Massachusetts, is a prototypical workspace serving as a model for future US government office buildings. For this modernization project, Jonathan Levi Architects transformed an existing 400,000 square foot building from a maze of dark workspaces into a dynamic and artful workspace infused with natural light.

Designed for 2,000 occupants, the new Northeast Headquarters campus optimizes phone and computer based customer services realized with environmental features that support individual livability, promote team building and help to create a larger sense of community and belonging. A new monumental primary entry pavilion was created to welcome the arrival of employees from the main parking area with a dignified space and seating area. Thereafter, suspended in the south lobby, is a glass sculpture that wraps an oculus skylight within a spiraling dome adjacent to the cafe. A new secondary entrance at the street side serves pedestrian arrivals. The feeling of an urban environment is experienced with interior, way finding pathways, parks and courtyards open to the sky like that above with reflecting pools and terraces, interior and exterior landscape, restaurant, canteens and cafe, exercise facility, assembly center, conference nodes and training complex. All is embedded in an open 300,000sf raised access work floor.

This LEED-Gold project has continuous, self-illuminated open cloud ceilings that allows for screening of mechanicals while taking advantage of the high structural bay to increase the sense of height. Working together with the low ambient ceiling light, computer-monitored and occupancy-sensored task light dramatically reduces electrical consumption. Heating and cooling is provided exclusively by a 300-well geothermal field located below the parking - one of the largest fields in the country. A 1,800 space parking zone is constructed with permeable pavement for reduced stormwater run off.

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