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The Greystone Mansion Design House event took place at the end of November featuring the work of several exceptional interior designers. Their challenge was to pick a Titan, a person of stature, and design a room influenced by their achievements. I had the pleasure of photographing 2 rooms and the entry for 2 separate designers, Paul L'Esperance and Daelen Cory of L'Esperance Design and Lisa Turner of Interior Obsession. L'Esperance's Titan was William Randolph Hearst who had the world's largest privately owned zoo. They found The Animal Chair Collection by Máximo Riera and integrated his rhino, walrus and octopus chairs into their designs. The octopus chair was part of their design room, The Gentleman's Study, with wall coverings telling an emotional story of Bernini's sculptures of Apollo and Daphne complemented by wooden carved furniture incorporating archetypal imagery, such as the above gryphon, painted in chrome. Their design of The Grand Entry featured their Tenuta Berroni Collection of fabric printed with photographic images of the walls of this historic villa in the Piedmont Region of Italy. These wonderful, removable walls, were juxtaposed with the villa's ceiling, mapped by Vortex Immersion Media and Akiko Yamashita, and then projected onto the coffered ceiling of The Grand Entry at Greystone Mansion. Learn more at L'Esperance Design

At the bottom of The Grand Entry stairs was Lisa Turner's room with large arched Palladian windows, black and white marble floors and sapphire blue walls, complemented by the unique design of FENDI casa furniture. A magnificent room well chosen for her Titan, Stevie Wonder. Stevie is an integral part of the world of music combining musical innovation with political activism. Blind since birth, his sense of touch, smell and listening are heightened. Stevie detects the most extraordinary details of a room's elements, things that a sighted person may miss. The Music Room is a lively infusion of vivid color, bold textures and layers that all create the luxury modern interior with an ethnic vibe. The room is filled with precious art and artifacts that add shapes, layers and visual harmony that adorn the room. Stevie Wonder paid tribute to Lisa by making a special visit to her room during the event. Learn more at Interior Obsession.

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