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photo by David Lena

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The design of this farm estate home was heavily influenced by several specific guiding principles. First, that it emulate the style, aesthetic and detail of a number of local Maryland and Virginia houses of the Federal Period.  Second, to that end, that it incorporate, to the greatest extent practical, the ratios of the Golden Mean, which have historically produced the pleasing proportional feel typical of that period. Third, that it endeavor to marry traditional building materials such as a standing seam roof, a traditional timber framed kitchen and wide plank flooring, stairways and cabinetry salvaged from deadfall in the area with the necessities of modern space and energy conservation. Concessions to the latter included geothermal HVAC, blown-in insulation, oversized bricks and PVC exterior trim. Materials and contractors were locally sourced wherever possible. The interior layout met the architectural challenge of containing a specifically tailored, space-efficient contemporary design within a footprint and framework characteristic of a bygone age. 

This project was a 48 hour marathon shooting with gorgeous alto cumulous clouds on day 1, a misty dawn through dusk on day 2 for interior photography, and a gloriously clear morning on day 3 to complete the job. The varied weather conditions were ideal to capture the spectrum of natural beauty characteristic of this piece of eastern America.

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