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photo by David Lena

When walking out to the courtyard of this Beverly Hills home designed by interior designer Loren Judaken and landscape architect Katherine Spitz, there is a magical quality that instantly stops you in your footsteps. The sheer elegance of the white awnings above complemented by both the large, white, square umbrellas and curvaceous lounge chairs on one side of the pool answered by the cabana on the opposite side are accented by well positioned and provocative art work alive with color. The shifting hues in the pool add a dynamic that is just the beginning of how well this space entertains. Warmed by space heaters above or from the sun during the day by simply retracting the awnings is luxury at a touch. The hidden kitchen fronted by a granite fireplace completes the sublime ease to entertain several guests.

See the work by selecting the image or see the article in Home & Architectural Trends volume 2902.

The challenge in photographing this project was that each view had to be shot from sunset into twilight or dawn until sunrise. The greens showed off best in the brighter conditions and were blended with the twilight exposures that revealed the beauty of the illuminated spaces. To capture all 8 views, 3 cameras shot simultaneously over the course of 3 visits, twice at dusk and once at dawn.

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