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photo by David Lena It began with a call from my oldest friend, Nelse Clark, who works with Andrew Cabot distilling exceptional rum in Ipswich, Massachusetts. He asked if I could photograph his Privateer Amber Rum ad for the back glossy of the Improper Bostonian released today, September 5th. I gladly accepted. A few days later, I called him back and asked if he could find a bar with shelves filled with liquor bottles and perhaps a mirror behind them. My vision was to create color contrast between hot blue highlights in the out-of-focus bar in the background against the warm tones of the amber rum. I also suggested that he pick up a couple of identical glasses and some acrylic ice cubes. We met on Saturday morning, August 18th at Craigie on Main in Cambridge, which was the perfect bar. Not only did it provide the ideal background, the slight daylight that came through the drawn blinds added hints of blue across the bottle and glass. The photograph you see here was delivered that Monday to make his deadline.

Privateer produces clean and enjoyable rums distilling both a Silver Reserve and its True American Amber Rum. Learn more at www.privateerrum.com. Select the image to see it in HD and to view my portfolio.
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